Warriors in Transition Day

[June 2012] Frank Byrnside, Steve Finney, Kim Hines, and Daryl Manley represented EOIR at Warriors in Transition Day (WiTS), a BBQ, equipment demo, and pseudo career fair hosted by Col Stawowczyk, PM NV/RSTA, for Soldiers assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion at Ft. Belvoir. These Soldiers have been wounded in battle and are recuperating and awaiting adjudication on continued service or medical discharge. The PM’s intent was for his various contractors (there were about 10 in all, including EOIR, BAH, CACI, MTEQ, etc.) to meet with the troops and discuss how industry works, how to prepare for the transition, what skill sets are in demand, etc.

EOIR set up and manned a booth, handed out brochures, and talked with the troops about jobs and careers in the technology fields. The booth displays featured Cerberus, Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID), Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System (LRAS3) mobile training facility, and other systems that EOIR has helped design, fabricate, and/or support in operational settings.

EOIR was also present in NVESD’s Recognition of Combatants (ROC) program booth where Ken Cook represented EOIR. The ROC program provides computer-based trainers to support combat identification, counter-Improvised Explosive Device (IED), and situational awareness skills for Soldiers as part of self-paced institutional or predeployment training.  PM-NV/RSTA has provided funding and subject matter expertise to the ROC program since program inception in the mid 1990s.  The ROC program currently consists of four trainers, all developed by EOIR: the Recognition of Combat Vehicles (ROC-V) and ROC-IED are both complete; the ROC-Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) is in the final release process; and the ROC-Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition (RSTA) is under development at the specific request of Col Stawowczyk and funded by PM-NV/RSTA.

In addition to interfacing with the troops who visited the booth, EOIR donated charcoal and much-needed bottled water for the Soldier’s BBQ (the temperatures on this day in June were in the high 90s).

The Soldiers were all positive, energetic, and forward thinking, and it was a humbling and gratifying experience for EOIR. The EOIR team had a strong showing, and Col Stawowczyk stopped by to express his gratitude for EOIR’s participation and donations.