Polaris Alpha – EOIR Wins $48M Research, Development, and Technical Services Contract for NRL-ESTD


FREDERICKSBURG, Va., [January 18, 2017] Polaris AlphaEOIR Technologies announced today that it has been awarded a $48 million IDIQ contract to provide research, development, and technical services to the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Electronics Science and Technology Division (ESTD).

Research to be conducted under this contract are categorized into seven broad research fields. EOIR will compete at the DO/TO level for Research Field 1: Optoelectronics. This field executes a broad research and development portfolio ranging from basic to applied research on optoelectronic materials and devices for space and terrestrial applications where operation under situations of high environmental stress is required. Activities include creating semiconductor materials that display characteristics such as wavelength sensitivity, electrical conversion efficiency, and switching speed superior to current state of the art and developing low dimensional structures and materials that allow control of the electronic and optoelectronic properties at the quantum mechanical level.

“EOIR is well poised to support NRL in its mission to retain battlefield spectrum dominance through new sensing and imaging techniques,” said Mark Coleman, EOIR Vice President of Electromagnetic Warfare. “We look forward to supporting research and development efforts for next generation systems.”

NRL-ESTD develops new electronic materials, devices, components, and subsystems for next generation systems in support of customers throughout NRL, the Department of Defense and other US Government organizations, all with the focus on fundamental science as well as the development of technologies that can positively impact the warfighter through improved electronic systems that are used in systems including radar, communications, power conversion/control and electromagnetic warfare.

This IDIQ is valued at $48M and has a 5-year order period stretching through December of 2021.

About Polaris Alpha: Polaris Alpha (“Polaris”) provides advanced technical capabilities, specialized domain expertise, and mission critical solutions to the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. The company has approximately 1,100 employees with major offices in Colorado Springs, CO; Fredericksburg, VA; Annapolis Junction, MD; Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; and Alexandria, VA as well as customer sites both domestically and internationally. For further details on the newly formed company’s customers and capabilities, please visit www.polarisalpha.com.