Electromagnetic Warfare

Directed Excellence 

Over the past two decades the Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum has become an integral part of military operations. It is now so critical to national interests that it must be treated as a warfighting domain on par with land, sea, air, and space. EOIR merges and masters the EM Warfare (EMW) environment, supporting the Warfighter in current and future conflicts to ensure the U.S. remains at the forefront of this new frontier. Our comprehensive EMW support includes

    • Research and development
    • Systems engineering
    • Spectrum engineering
    • Modeling and simulation
    • Design, fabrication, and build
    • Test and evaluation
    • Logistical support
    • Deployment support
    • Deployed operations

Information and Engagement Dominance

Characterize the spectrum 
    • Waveform and equipment characterization
    • Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) support
    • Spectrum management
Control the spectrum 
    • Real Time Spectrum Operations (RTSO)
    • Counter-threat technologies
    • Spectrum certification
Dominate the spectrum 
    • Electronic Warfare (EW)
    • Directed Energy (DE) technologies
    • Active Denial (AD)
    • Weapon and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

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EMW SlickSheet

Electromagnetic Warfare Fact Sheet
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