Dr. Bruce Swett Appointed as Chief Scientist

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., [January 15, 2015] EOIR Technologies, Inc., a portfolio company of The White Oak Group, announced today that it has appointed Dr. Bruce Swett, Ph.D., as Chief Scientist of EOIR. In this role, Dr. Swett will work with executive leadership in developing and executing EOIR’s technology plan. This plan includes evaluating, developing, and monetizing emerging technologies, integrating and maximizing the value of EOIR’s intellectual property, and enhancing the company’s technical culture.

Peter Cannito made the announcement. “Dr. Swett has demonstrated that he is an innovator and a well-respected technologist with a firm grasp of highly technical trends across numerous markets and a broad understanding of emerging technologies,” said Cannito. “Equally important is his proven ability to clearly articulate the relevancy and impact of these technical trends to a diverse set of stakeholders and build the required collaboration to execute against these trends effectively.”

Dr. Swett is the cloud architect for a number of advanced technologies related to pattern recognition and analysis of Web-scale datasets and is responsible for technical leadership, project management, and business development for EOIR’s Advanced Research Group (ARG). His areas of expertise include high-performance cloud computing, parallelized artificial intelligence algorithms, biologically-inspired algorithms, scalable data models, and fusion of large volumes of data.

Dr. Swett’s Ph.D. is in Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences, focusing on computational and experimental neuroscience, from the University of Maryland, College Park. His Post-Doctoral research on the neural substrates of motor sequence learning was performed in the Language Section of the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communications Disorders (NIDCD) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. Swett currently serves as a Member of the Army Science Board and is certified as both a Cloudera Hadoop Developer and Administrator.

About EOIR Technologies: EOIR Technologies, Inc. (www.eoir.com) has more than 30 years of experience providing specialized sensor design and development, intelligence support and analysis, rapid prototyping, training and simulation, mission command, and field service support to locations around the world. EOIR has more than 400 staff providing state-of-the-art technology solutions from 12 U.S. offices and a number of U.S. and overseas client locations.

About The White Oak Group: The White Oak Group (www.thewhiteoakgroup.com) is an Atlanta-based private investment firm focused on aerospace and defense, healthcare technology, and environmental and alternative energy/power solutions.