Command and Control (C2)

Make immediate, intelligent decisions to accomplish your mission and enhance the safety of your Warfighters using EOIR’s array of C2 capabilities, including planning/execution tools that support the full range of the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP). We create decision support solutions for the military C2 community and integrate proven technology into important C2 programs of record.

Plan Ahead, Act Now

    • Web service and application development for data mediation, distribution and synchronization, system and joint/coalition interoperability, and common C2 data modeling and infrastructure
    • Advanced mission planning applications enabling joint, collaborative, and mobile C2
    • Planning and execution monitoring systems in which users can specify administrative and tactical tasks at a level of detail sufficient to enable the computer to fill in the details, allowing agile commanders to focus on the art of planning (e.g., the purpose of tactical commanders) and let the computer calculate formations and resource usages
    • Development and implementation of infrastructure, marketplace, and widgets
    • Powerful and flexible planning/execution training tools that support rapid creation of training scenarios from full MDMP to Rapid Decision Making and Synchronization Process (RDSP) to specific Warfighting Function (WFF)-focused situational exercises
    • Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) development that is designed for reuse in any architecture, free of licensing costs, and independent of other tools and mapping engines
    • Terrain analysis and route generation, analysis, and navigation software that allows users to create, analyze, drive, and share routes while analyzing vehicle capability, speed, time, and slope

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