Advanced Visualization


Developing clear, sophisticated, and accessible visualizations for existing and future data sets is a vital part of understanding your company’s past and planning for its future. Our visualization experts can help you gain insight into the myriad of data that your company generates and support analyses that are predictive so you can see into the future of your business and make your dreams become reality.

Visualize Your Data

    • Web-based data visualizations allow users to view their data anywhere regardless of operating system or platform
      (supports Windows, OSX, desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.)
    • Real-time collaborative capabilities enable changes made by one user to instantly reflect in the views of all users
    • Alerting capabilities send messages and emails based on work flows configured to your business’s needs
    • Dynamic visualizations allow users to customize how they want to display data, ensuring presentations are both relevant and understandable
    • Tags can be manually or automatically added to all data ingested into the system to create structure out of unstructured data and perform incredibly fast searches over large data sets, as well as filtering, alternative data visualizations, etc.
    • Capabilities can be quickly customized on the fly using the plug-and-play architecture of our dashboard

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